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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Veterans Wall of Honor and It's Meaning to a Veteran, A MUST READ FOR ALL

The Veterans Wall of Honor and It's Meaning to a Vet
By TheDoctor

This article is about what the Veterans Wall of Honor means to a Vet here in  Henry County, GA. The monument rises upon a hill inside of Heritage Park on Lake Dow Road. This grand structure is a fitting tribute of not only those who gave their lives in war for this nation, but for those who have come home to a place of solitude and rememberance.

The Wall of Honor was the vision and idea of a good hearted American who fought for this nation in World War II. He would pass away before it's completion, but the Wall would be an awesome experience for anyone who visits it.

Today the Wall is getting some much needed help from the Veterans Wall of Honor Preservation Committee formed to see that repairs that are needed are done. This group's sole mission is to see to the repairs of the Wall and to make sure that it is cared for in the future.

Time honored traditions of love, honor, and valor to one's nation are seen in the bricks that line the walk up to the monument. All the wars which our nation has been involved have a home on the Wall. To me and other veterans it is a sacred place where we can come and remember the past and look to the future.


The Doctor said...

Thank you for posting this about the Wall of Honor. I cannot understand why so much of my work has been taken off. It really doesn't make sense. But thank you not only from this vet, but from all.

Asa Brown said...

The Wall of Honor is a special for me as a veteran of Nam I loss a lot of good boys there and they deserve all of the accolades we can bestow to them. And the men and women that are protecting us now deserve it as well. I was in the Army Intelligent unit after Nam I served in another capacity that I cannot talk about. But all people that put their buts on the line deserve the respect that a well-maintained Wall of Honor represents. So Henry County needs to step up to the plate and do the job right or don’t do it at all and let someone do it that will do it right, just let us know Henry County! It’s your call are you going to respect the Veterans or not??