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Friday, March 26, 2010

Winslow@Eagles Landing,the campground Road extension and The LCI (Livable Centers Initiative)

WELL? what are the BOCHC (Board of Commissioners of Henry County GA) going to do for these citizens with the four lane highway coming through their subdivision? It will cut the club house and pool in half! this is an outrage! Will the BOC meet with the Mayor Lee Stuart of Stockbridge to try and resolve this crisis issue?

"If" there is no other routes to take this corridor through. Will they build a pedestrian bridge over it? Will they build a tunnel underneath this monstrous eye sore and hazardous intersection. It will be a hazard to all the people from noctious fumes and noise! I hope none of these citizens and their children suffer from asthma! and or other conditions that will be exacerbated from all the 20,000 plus cars and commercial traffic per day coming through this area. Though it has been stated that this corridor has been proposed to alleviate traffic congestion. Is it the best idea? Is there a solution that is better for this subdivision and the families living within it? Where is the compassion after all?

A CONTINGENCY "LAWSUIT!" comes to mind for me on this issue. You can also forget any wild life surviving in this entire area of the Jodeco and Hudson bridge area, due to this huge by pass highway and the 13,000 acres proposed for the livable activities center and Bayer properties LCI deal. The deer population are walking around in a daze already through our neighborhoods. No trees for the squirrels to raise young in, no trees for what will have been abundant bird species. Birds eat insects you know. The entire balance of nature will be affected by this massive developing. What has happened to our ruralness?

I for one do not want to live in a clustered environment, it will be to industrial and made up. Furthermore Henry County can not take care of the lands they have acquired now. Parks go lacking, damages go unrepaired.

Definition of LCI: Many different commercial,condominium, government assisted housing,store fronts,assisted living facilites,all clumped together in one area. I do not think there will be any exclusions to what can be built by the private sector.

You can see more about this at this link:

Citizens need to vote NO on the up coming ballot this year that will ask for tax allocation districting. It is just a play on words, believe me it is all about getting more of our tax dollars to build these habitat killing ventures that some of these officials are seeking.

While you are voting in November of this year, you need to vote out the district 4 and 5 commissioner's to start with. In 2012 the remaining commissioners need to be voted out until we have all new leadership,who honestly show compassion and interest toward their neighbors. That is the only way anything will get better for all of us.

God bless these citizens at Winslow @ Eagles Landing who have stood up against all odds and are still unwaivered in their justful cause. If you need my help just give me a shout! I love all those T-shirts, can I have one? Keep it up, you are in the right on this big time!

Monday, March 22, 2010



The real facts about recently retired Henry County Chief of police Russ Abernathy land purchase of over 166 acres by our commissioners.

Fox 5 news uncovered the real story. This is but ONE, how many other land acquisitions have been completed under the guise of ? (whatever they wish to make up)

Our Henry County commissioner's at their finest!

Think about it, can we really afford to keep any of these people in office? when they are responsible for making the huge decision's that affect our hard earned tax dollars?
Reported By: Dale Russell

Edited By: Leigha Baugham

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. (MyFOX ATLANTA) - Henry County officials say a stray bullet from a police firing range was the catalyst for buying land for a new police training facility.

But the bullet incident didn't happen the way the county claimed it did and the land for the police training center was sold by the police chief and his nephew.

A FOX 5 I-Team investigation has examined police records and land deeds in the case of the stray bullet and $4 million land deal.

County leaders and police insist that they needed a new firing range and police training center, after a firearm training accident. But, the police department's own records tell a different story.

Friday, March 12, 2010

An Ugly Truth in Local Politics

By TheDoctor

Here in Henry County where politics have always had a bite to them is not letting itself down at this time either. I remember years ago when Henry County was 90% Democrat and they couldn't get along then just as the Republicans have been having problems as of late.

The problem here in the Republican Party is that we have the main party and two split factions of the Republican Women of Henry County. Any time a party splits it's self for any reason shows weakness in the party structure and will give those who are working to make the party strong a hard row to hoe.

Just as happened before the Civil War in the Democratic Party it split itself and lost the Presidential Election to the newly formed Republicans. Now this was not the first or last time this has happened either.

When a party begins splintering itself, then various platforms are revealed which could go against one another. That way it is assured that whom ever they support will be hurt by this type of activity.

It doesn't matter who is in charge of the party they will have a terrible time until this seam is sewed back together. Most of the time when a split comes it is because people cannot get along with one another. But they should put personal differences aside to make the party whole and strong once again.

The understanding of keepng the whole together and not rushing to dissolve it's effectiveness is the wrong road to travel. This will only hurt the candidate and bring about hard feelings with them and their base. But that is what happens when personal problems seem more important than the party as a whole.

The Republican Party of Henry County has a good leader at this time. But the rival factions that have broken themselves apart will give him a hard time promoting the standards of this county's Republican Party. So if you are truly a Republican and believe in the party's principles you must start working together for the whole of the party or you will just become a club for people to gather and have conversation and that doesn't get people elected.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Our Voices Can Be Heard

"We the People of the local County of Henry, of the Soverign State of Georgia,in these United States of America, do demand and resolve that the voice of the populace will be heard upon the walls of Freedom which echo across this land. Those who etched a start here in 1821 found a way to survive the elements and the wilds of the day. Across the panorama of time this county has seen change upon change. Men and women taken from bondage, during a war of brutality brought home for all to see. The days of rebirth and the construed nights of hard decisions that led this county into the early years before the Great Depression. Those families who struggled to survive and did so by shear human strength and with the helping hand of God to bring us to where our county lies today.

The people of this county great and small all have the same voice. If they do not have the same level of distinction then this clamour through our past was for nothing. The people have the voice granted to them by the man articles written in the past. The Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution, The Monroe Doctrine, and the many Amendments created by our land to make our path easier. Freedom of Speech is a guaranteed right to the people and denying that right is the pretense of tyranny. Gather all eyes and ears and hear the voice of Freedom as it cries to be heard. Man has served himself a dish of sour milk here that needs to be sweetened by the stand up for freedom that is sorely needed. We the people of Henry County do declare that we deserve and we shall receive our voice before the shadow of tomorrow sets upon that right.

Written by: The Doctor