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Monday, November 30, 2009

More grant money (100,000) for Nash Farm for bike and walking trails. 130,000 total project cost

Grant= 100,000
Local match= 4,590
In Kind+ 25,410

Where does the money in the Grant match fund come from? does anyone know? is it our splost tax dollars? is it from our property and sales tax dollars?

Then you have the yearly maintenance on these parks. It never ends with the spending. Like Reid Bowman stated today in the BOC meeting "we are not maintaining what we have now" and referred to the Moseley Park. Reid Bowman was the only one who opposed with a no vote on the application of the 100,000 grant monies for Nash Farm today.

Tomorrow's agenda in the BOC meeting will discuss awarding a bid to build ten (10) Soccer fields and a concession stand at the North Mt. Carmel Park for a whopping 1.8 million dollars!

After the BOC meeting today where a question of a resolution was raised "will they or will they not take down or move the Nash Farm Battlefield sign?"

Resolution regarding Nash Farm

The County acquired the largest park within the county that consist of over 200 acres and the intent was to provide for passive recreational activities while also providing protection for the land of historical significance.

The use of the park needs to be maximized with a good master plan. Activities can be included within the park without altering the historical significance of the land. The master plan would explore things such as paved walking trails; paved parking lot; playgrounds consistent in size with other regional county parks; conversion of existing activity barn into an activity building; bike trails; equestrian trails and covered picnic pavilions. This list is not an exclusive list. Once a master plan is in place a budget can be created and the park can be opened up to as many as citizens as possible outside of the battlefield connotation. The request is that when the master plan is completed the park shall be referred to as Nash Farm with the battlefield site to be preserved as Nash Farm Battlefield.

Commissioner Mathis requested adding a Native/Heirloom Plant Garden to the list of things to consider within the park.

Commissioner Mathis made the motion to approve the resolution and to authorize an amendment to the current contract or to issue an RFP for proposal for a master plan and associated cost; Commissioner Holder seconded. The motion carried unanimously approving the following resolution:

WHEREAS, Henry County acquired property on Jonesboro Road consisting over 200 acres; and

WHEREAS, this property was acquired as Henry County Park Land in an attempt to provide protection for land with historical significance and to provide recreational amenities to the community; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Commissioners wishes to maximize the use of this park, which is Henry County’s larges park; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Commissioners believes it necessary to determine and adopt the uses of this park;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Henry County Board of Commissioners that the Henry County Board of Commissioners authorizes the issuance of an RFP for amendment and adoption of a master plan for this park to consider the inclusion of these potential elements:

1. Paved walking trails;

2. Paved parking lot;

3. Playgrounds consistent in size with other regional county parks;

4. Conversion of existing activity barn into an activity building;

5. Bike trails;

6. Equestrian trails

7. Covered picnic pavilions

8. Native/Heirloom Plant Garden

NOW THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the master plan shall refer to the park as Nash Farm with an area set aside for preservation as Nash Farm Battlefield and the remainder designated for passive recreation.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Another post from Joanne Mulvaney, thank you Joanne

Date: Sunday, November 29, 2009 1:59 PM
From: Joanne Mulvaney
Subject: Fwd: Terroristic Threat Laws, Treason Laws, Assault Laws ALL capable of stopping extremist on OUR streets instilling fear in us, stating they wish to do us, our troops harm.
Size: 9 KB

This is the email I am talking about that you can post on your blog that I sent out to Senator Isakson and Congressman Westmoreland today and cc'd many others, including you. See letter below:

November 29, 2009

Dear Senator Isakson and Congressman Westmoreland,

After speaking to several members of your staff earlier last week I am forwarding several Laws that I feel members of Congress as well as Law Enforcement around America really need to Re-visit and fully enforce these Laws already on the books as it pertains to extremist, fanatics on OUR streets, here in America, who are cheering and chanting the deaths of OUR soldiers and the demise and destruction of America. These actions may be tolerated while these things are being said about our soldiers and about our country while saying all this in foreign lands BUT when these words,actions are conducted, spoken on the streets of America our government, our police forces, need to wake up, step up to the plate and stop what I call the violation of several Laws already on the books. These Laws are (see definitions below):

1. Terroristic Threat Laws

2. Assault


I will NOT accept from any elected official who says that because of "Freedom of Speech" that these extremist-fanatic terrorist are allowed to demonstrate on AMERICAN STREETS and in media articles, caught on video as well, that they cheer the deaths of our soldiers, wish to do America and its people harm, and encourage other Islamic brothers to carry out further attacks,,ALL ON OUR STREETS these words are spoken etc etc. Freedom of Speech is one thing BUT my government allowing people who clearly state they wish to do us, Americans, bodily harm AND their past track record PROVES they WILL do us harm, then action needs to be taken.

It is time to wake up, stop walking the politically correct fence and protect Americans from people who clearly wish to harm us, kill us and destroy America as we know it.

Thank you,
Joanne Mulvaney
U.S Navy veteran
I am posting this for Joanne Mulvaney per her request to get more people involved with getting something done about terrorism.

Date: Tuesday, November 24, 2009 7:42 AM
From: Joanne Mulvaney
Subject: Senator Isakson's office-Here are five videos the Senator needs to see.
Size: 9 KB


Thank you for contacting me today regarding my email I sent to Senator Isakson last week wanting two questions answered by him. Here are the five videos that I would like the Senator to see. The 3rd video on the list, is the one that shows Muslim extremist-terrorist on OUR streets, in America, the day after the Ft Hood Shooting, Nov. 6th, cheering the deaths of American Soldiers by that Terrorist Malik Hasan. These Muslim extremist also chant the demise of "The Great Beast" they say is America. Since when are people who CLEARLY WISH TO DO US HARM allowed to cheer on the streets of the United States the deaths of our soldiers, the demise of America and NOT be rounded up by police authorities????

.First Video link below is from the Dutch Parliament leader Geertz Wilder warning America about Islamic Extremist who have taken over Europe and will also take over America under Islamic Sheriah Law if we do not do something now to stop it. So many Americans are asleep, looking the other way, sticking their head in the sand and or hoping this all goes away with MANY doing so to remain "Politically Correct" which Congressman Lynn Westmoreland told me is the main problem with all of this, the political correctness of it all. It Congress does not seriously address the extremist on OUR streets things will only get worse. The American government should NOT tolerate this behavior where religious extremist clearly wish to do Americans harm, want our soldiers killed by their Islamic brothers, cheering this from American streets and nothing is done to them etc.

If you are not aware of the Islamic Shariah Laws then many best get acquainted with them; beheadings, stoning women to death, family honor killings etc etc are what we have to look forward to in America, as Europe is already dealing with, IF we do not do something now.

Please let Senator Isakson know I look forward to his phone call.

Thank you,
Joanne Mulvaney
U.S Navy veteran
Stockbridge GA,2933,572998,00.html

Video of Stoning to Death - Islam in action

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The only restriction on the blog is no profanity. Other than that,there will be no deletions of any topic that users wish to discuss. UNLIKE some blog forums, I will not censor or be bias regarding your opinions and concerns.

I hope you will enjoy your participation on this blog and finally feel you can be heard.