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Friday, March 26, 2010

Winslow@Eagles Landing,the campground Road extension and The LCI (Livable Centers Initiative)

WELL? what are the BOCHC (Board of Commissioners of Henry County GA) going to do for these citizens with the four lane highway coming through their subdivision? It will cut the club house and pool in half! this is an outrage! Will the BOC meet with the Mayor Lee Stuart of Stockbridge to try and resolve this crisis issue?

"If" there is no other routes to take this corridor through. Will they build a pedestrian bridge over it? Will they build a tunnel underneath this monstrous eye sore and hazardous intersection. It will be a hazard to all the people from noctious fumes and noise! I hope none of these citizens and their children suffer from asthma! and or other conditions that will be exacerbated from all the 20,000 plus cars and commercial traffic per day coming through this area. Though it has been stated that this corridor has been proposed to alleviate traffic congestion. Is it the best idea? Is there a solution that is better for this subdivision and the families living within it? Where is the compassion after all?

A CONTINGENCY "LAWSUIT!" comes to mind for me on this issue. You can also forget any wild life surviving in this entire area of the Jodeco and Hudson bridge area, due to this huge by pass highway and the 13,000 acres proposed for the livable activities center and Bayer properties LCI deal. The deer population are walking around in a daze already through our neighborhoods. No trees for the squirrels to raise young in, no trees for what will have been abundant bird species. Birds eat insects you know. The entire balance of nature will be affected by this massive developing. What has happened to our ruralness?

I for one do not want to live in a clustered environment, it will be to industrial and made up. Furthermore Henry County can not take care of the lands they have acquired now. Parks go lacking, damages go unrepaired.

Definition of LCI: Many different commercial,condominium, government assisted housing,store fronts,assisted living facilites,all clumped together in one area. I do not think there will be any exclusions to what can be built by the private sector.

You can see more about this at this link:

Citizens need to vote NO on the up coming ballot this year that will ask for tax allocation districting. It is just a play on words, believe me it is all about getting more of our tax dollars to build these habitat killing ventures that some of these officials are seeking.

While you are voting in November of this year, you need to vote out the district 4 and 5 commissioner's to start with. In 2012 the remaining commissioners need to be voted out until we have all new leadership,who honestly show compassion and interest toward their neighbors. That is the only way anything will get better for all of us.

God bless these citizens at Winslow @ Eagles Landing who have stood up against all odds and are still unwaivered in their justful cause. If you need my help just give me a shout! I love all those T-shirts, can I have one? Keep it up, you are in the right on this big time!


The Doctor said...

I don't believe they plan to do anything to help these people. From what I have heard from them they say it's a done deal. But there should be some other legal remedy that can fall into place here. It is not right to split a neighborhood for a road thats going to Peach Drive. They said it was designed to protect the historic part Flippen. When did the county become so historic minded? Look at all the other places that have been taken down in the name of progress. There is a better solution and it will take someone from one of those firms in Atlanta to show them.

Dark Knight said...

I have heard Chairman Mathis say that we need to change our county because we are not rural anymore. Well that is 100% wrong on her part; she is no friend to the people of the County so the wildlife is way down on her list close to where we are. It is sad because when we lose the woods and wildlife we can’t get it back. I have lived in Henry County for 18+ years. I grew up in South Dekalb County and I thought I had seen it all but I was wrong. I have seen Henry County committing economic, political and moral suicide for the past 18 years. A County named after the great Patrick Henry who rather have death than to live with out liberty, and now we are losing our liberties to developers how have no morals what so ever. R.I.P. Henry County GA.

Dark Knight

justwilliam said...

That is only the half of it. The county took SPLOST money already assigned to Eagle's Landing widening, withdrew the funds, went to the federal govt. and claim they had a shovel ready project(Eagle's Landing) and applied for Stimulus funding. They then will use the withdrawn SPLOST funds to do Campground Rd, bypassing all federal guidelines.So our own federal taxes is being used to destroy our community. ONLY IN AMERICA! That is downright dishonest & evil.