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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our Taxing Days By: The Doctor

The nation we live in today is full of what the founding fathers fought to rid themselves of so they could have peace and tranquility. The public knows that a certain amount of taxation must occur to continue the works of the government which is to keep the people safe and free. It is not to make slaves of a populace who works daily for no fruits at the end. Freedom to live with some peace at mind and not have to worry about paying a tax that is far too much not even for your paychecks, but your homes and everything you buy.

We the people deserve far more than just a worry and a grind. This time of life in our society should be far from where we have taken ourselves and should be rested from the government. Conservatism must mean truly conservative ways within those who run our government from the local venue all the way to Washington, D.C. Being conservative does not make one a total monster to the liberal faction of government. What one must understand is that we understand there has to be taxation but on a more conservative level.

The working man and woman in our society must be given a chance to pursue that life, liberty, and happiness that was given to them in the Constitution of the United States of America. Follow the Constitution and those in leadership will find that their job will not be as hard as they have made it. The size of government has become so large that it cannot sustain itself without further taxation. Those in the leadership know this and it must be stopped before it happens. We have future generations to worry about besides ourselves. Can we do something now to curb this run away taxing nation? Yes, we can and if we the people say yes it can be done then it will happen. It might take time, but it will happen.

Thank you for listening.

The Doctor

1 comment:

Dark Knight said...

The Doc can say it like it is. It reminds me of the way our founding fathers wrote.
We need more people like this and maybe we will do better as a nation when that happens. This issue will be around for some time to come.