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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A call to all Veterans....................the Veterans wall of Honor at Heritage Park in Henry County needs you to march!

Would any Veteran or their family want a dog jumping over their inscribed dedicated veteran bench in Heritage park at the Veterans Wall of Honor?

The county manger can say what ever he wishes, however no one is buying the lame explanations. The few will take there stand very soon and all will become known to the entire arena regarding the Veterans Wall of Honor in Heritage Park. This photo is but one example of the disregard of an area that is sacred to all Veterans past, present,future and all of their families.

It does NOT matter whether the dog was from McDonough Mr. Sanders, McDonough is after all Henry County! This is totally outrageous and deserves a PUBLIC APOLOGY TO ALL VETERAN'S FORTHWITH!


The Doctor said...

This is a crying shame that they would defame something at the Wall of Honor in this way. You are right it does not matter whether they are from McDonough or Henry County or where ever it is not right. Henry County just spent $4million dollars for that property in the southeastern portion of the county to do training such as this upon and I am sure the McDonough Police are welcome to use it.

Veterans from all over need to rise up against this type of blatant ugliness in the face of a monument to those who gave their lives and are still serving somewhere in this world. Right is right and wrong is wrong and this type of action should never be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

Remember, honesty is not accepted. The truth and the facts of the matter are not what the commissioners want to hear. You best be careful because you will find yourself up against a regime that will drive you off a cliff for speaking the truth. Just go with the flow, do not press the issue, you will not like what happens. These politicians are more powerful then you all think and you bringing this to peoples attention will only bring you and your family trouble. The both of you are correct, but facts, honesty is not the game in henry co and those who dare to speak out get run out. best not to rock the boat sir.

Birdie said...

I am not afraid, let them do their worst. I dare them!

Anonymous said...

Too many county officials do not care about this Monument. The disrespect shown to this Monument is clear to many and what needs to happen is an uprising of veterans, family members, citizens who are disgusted with the complete lack of respect for the Veterans Wall of Honor. And for Chairman Mathis to have the nerve to be part of the Memorial day event, stand up there on stage acting like she gives a damn is pathetic. When she does her little 'i love our troops and veterans and this monument' on stage many like myself need to stand up and turn their backs to this woman. Protest, let her and her buddies know just how you fell,,and for mr sanders lame excuse that just shows just as much disrespect to the veterans bench, the Monument as the police officer who thought it was acceptable to allow his dog to use a veterans bench as a 'training hurdle'.

The Doctor said...

It isn't right for BJ Mathis to sit up there with those who have served this nation in uniform. From what I am hearing there are a lot of veterans upset because she has a part in the ceremony and that she is the reason so much turmoil about the day and time were given so much back and forth. She and many others need to go.